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NEW! Dog Sprinkles Turkey Food Topper
Our newest flavour for fussy dogs, the Turkey cat food topper is high in tryptophan which can alleviate your canine's stress and improve sleep. • Gourmet Food Topper To Solve Your Fussy Dog Problems. Sprinkle on top or food or water to add flavour. • No More Binning Dog Food. We're looking at...
NEW! Dog Sprinkles 2 in 1 Chicken Broth Topper
A 2 in 1 food & water topper, our Chicken Broth sprinkles help to keep your dog hydrated as well as lick their bowl clean!  • Gourmet Dog Food & Water Topper To Solve Your Fussy Pup Problems. Sprinkle on top or food...
Cat Sprinkles Food Topper Taster Pack x3
To discover your cats' favourite (or for felines who love a bit of variety), our delicious Taster Pack is the purrfect choice! Each pack contains 3x CatSprinkles (chicken liver, chicken meat and salmon flavours) so you can mix and match. •...
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